So here’s the wrap up, I’ve spent over a week with each of these three free web services and I have to say overall, they are all amazing. They are all easy enough for a novice to figure out, and allow a huge range of easy choices for making updates and adding content over time. But each one has it’s advantages, and best uses.

WordPress is the best option if you are a non-programmer and plan to do it all yourself. It’s rock solid, and in many ways very easy to figure out. I’ve seen programmers who are familiar with WordPress churn out amazingly customized websites with the huge amount of widgets available but for the average person, it’s hard, and costly to customize the way you can with the other two options.

Weebly is in a class by itself in many ways since it allows you to build a true website, and not just a blog, but it’s drag a drop interface can be confusing and frustrating for some. It however offers a lot of customization options if you are a programmer or going to use one to customize your site.

Tumblr offers a good mix with extreme ease of use for novices along with easy customization options for programmers or designers looking at it for the first time. Tumblr’s balance between these two important aspects are what make me recommend it as the best solution in most instances. If you want a more complete site, go with Weebly, and if you want to do it all yourself as a novice WordPress might be a good choice, but Tumblr is easier to use that WordPress in my opinion and while not doing everything that Weebly does, gets close.